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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Typhoon Megi breaks many records and becomes 21st century most intense cyclone

The giant typhoon Megi has been the strongest cyclone of this year with minimum air pressure (from unconfirmed source ) near to 885mb! and maximum one minute sustained winds of 305km/hr

On Oct 17th 2010,Megi became first tropical cyclone to have min pressure below 900mb after Hurricane Wilma which was in 2005 and had pressure of 882mb which is the world record low pressure in the atlantic ocean!
1979 Typhoon Tip has the WORLD RECORD LOW PRESSURE OF 870MB!!!!!!!

It also became the first cyclone to have one min sustained winds of 305km/hr(190mph) in last 30 years. On Oct 18th, Megi had the third highest 10min recorded winds of 230km/hr.
Highest winds of 260km/hr (10min) were of 1982 Typhoon Bess and followed by 260km/hr winds from Typhoon tip of 1979...
In all the 21st century hurricanes, Megi has reached the first position as the 2005 Hurricane Katrina was weaker as compared to Megi!

Megi is also powerful than the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane $95 million damage to USA and 408-600 deaths!
Below is the list of Most Intense Typhoons in the Western North Pacific!

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