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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A return to winter weather this weekend

A return to winter weather this weekend

The way the weather has shaped up this week in terms of mildness, you could have been easily fooled into thinking that winter was over for this year. However, I did clearly state only last Saturday that:

Even though it is set to turn milder once again as we head into the start of next week, I still feel that the remainder of February and into the start of spring could still bring a number of notable wintry blasts of cold and snow to the UK that the professional meteorologists are possibly underestimating (and as I originally forecast).

I also stated:

Although the periods of moderation are likely to be less brief than I had anticipated in my original calculations for this period.

So as we head into this weekend, it is set to turn colder and fairly unsettled across most parts of the UK. A number of weather fronts look set to bring a wintry mix of rain, sleet, snow and strong winds to the UK. Saturday will see a wintry mix pushing its way eastwards across the UK, before clearing some parts of eastern England later. This could offer some potentially heavy falls of snow across higher ground as the front approaches these parts, with the possibility of snow to some lower levels too. Another wintry mix of rain, sleet and snow looks set to initially move in across parts of western and southern England throughout Sunday. Sunday will also remain relatively cold and unsettled, with the potential for some further wintry showers in the north too.

No severe weather warnings have been issued, and the current Met Office outlook for this weekend states two lines of text, which currently read:

Met Office Outlook for Friday to Sunday:

On Friday, mostly mild and dry, but cloudy. Conditions this weekend will then turn less mild and more unsettled, with some rain spreading eastwards.
Updated: 0314 on Wed 29 Feb 2012

James Madden (UK Long Range Forecaster)
Published: Wednesday 29thFebruary 2012 (13:57) GMT
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