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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Settled week to an unsettled weekend

Settled week to an unsettled weekend

As we head into the new working week, the weather is set to remain relatively settled across the UK. There is the potential for some ground frosts and fog in places due to the long clear periods throughout the evenings.

However, as we progress through Friday and into next weekend, the weather looks set to turn relatively unsettled across most parts of the UK. It is likely to turn wet and windy across many parts, with the strongest of these winds more probable in parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland and possibly to parts of northern England too. It will also feel much cooler than earlier in the week.

Looking ahead to the remainder of the month, and it is likely to remain relatively dry. There will be the occasional rain shower here and there, but any rainfall will become thinly dispersed across most parts during this period. The more settled weather in this period will bring some milder and brighter conditions across many parts. However, this will also bring with it some colder evenings and foggier weather to parts of the country too. Most parts will feature near to above-average temperatures for the remainder of the month, although parts of southern and eastern England are likely to be particularly chilly for this time of the year.

James Madden (UK Long Range Forecaster)

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