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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Severe Weather Possible in Long Range

A storm system looks to come riding in on a 120 knot jet stream that could make for some severe weather in the long run.

This is the long range, so things will definitely change, but when you get a storm system as strong as this producing this much pressure on a jet stream, something exciting is bound to happen.

As much as 80 knots of deep layer shear is also eyeing the Plains, making that region the potential hotspot if this system is to verify. It has been showing up on several runs recently.

Seeing as the jet stream will be displaced from Canada to Arizona, some cool air is expected to be surrounding this storm system. This would only increase the threat of severe weather as cool Canadian air crashes against the warm Gulf air freely flowing across the eastern half of the US, depicted by the jet stream displaced far north.


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