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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Special TRIAD Run Positions Tornado Threat in Texas

This specialized 10:30 AM run of the TRIAD Tornado Model indicates that the tornado threat is now biased in Texas. This run is biased off the SPC SREF ensemble members, as well as past trends of the SPC SREF members.
Since this is a specialized run, the regular 4:00 PM central TRIAD model run will go on as planned.

Confidence: 65%
Reason: The SPC SREF index I used to determine the TRIAD output shows wind barbs, and it looks like these winds will be converging into a line that is likely the dry line that will start out these storms. The question is if these storms will start out as individual, discrete storm cells or a linear storm system (squall line). These converging winds will continue to be the base for the tornado threat as per the SPC SREF. This 9z SPC SREF run has dramatically increased the tornado threat for this event.

The reason confidence is so low is because this is a single model and not the regular blend I would prefer to use.

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