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Monday, February 27, 2012

Summer Forecast 2012 for India to be issued on 18th Feb 2012


The countdown for the official summer forecast of METD WEATHER has begun.The forecast will be issued on Sunday,18th March 2012 late afternoon hours (IST).
The forecast will be issued for the entire nation including Nagpur for the month
March end-April-May. The driving force behind the forecast will be state of oscillation at the eq.central pacific (ENSO) which is fading away now from the La Nina which played a major role in 2010,2011 weather across the Nation. The current parameters are indicating that the neutral conditions shall appear from this spring.However unless verified it will be too early to speak about it.

The weather forecast will be issued on this blog,facebook page of METD Weather and scribd page.
As METD WEATHER has entered the print media recently in Nagpur,the weather forecast ( Along with occasional) updates will be issued in Tarun Bharat newspaper (Marathi language),Lokmat ( Marathi Language) and in The Hitavada ( English) after some days ( 2 or 3)
After a big gap,the weather forecasts also will begin again for the exciting Tornado Alley from March itself.The season has already began and is progressing smoothly so far.

Further, a classic setup is coming together in the Southern plains from Tuesday into Wednesday.Due to time limitations,I cant write much but stay tuned with

spc.noaa.gov to monitor the conditions...

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